Few brands can be so popular that they are featured in the broadest mediums of news and entertainment, and Fruit Art is one of those few. What do you call a brand so widely patronized it can be found almost everywhere? You call it a success, made possible by loyal and satisfied customers.
Fruit Art started like all other brands: With a single but ambitious dream of breaking out and reaching into the world. This dream is now a reality as Fruit Art has become a household name in magazines, news stations, TV stations, websites and much more. Below are some of the more notable media outlets the enterprise has been featured in.

 (Cake Wars Christmas)

The number of specials and episodic programs airing on this network is a testament to how committed it is in staying true to its goal of “striving to be the viewer’s best friend in food.” The goal is not just to inform its viewers about food; teaching, inspiring and empowering those viewers are more of the network’s goals.
The network is known for introducing and enlightening viewers on the power and joy food possesses; figures then why Fruit Art was part of the “Cake Wars 2” segment of the network. More than that, Fruit Art shares similar goals with Food Network because we have also taken it upon ourselves to educate and enlighten.
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This is one of the largest television stations in the United States, broadcasting more than 39 hours of locally-produced newscast each week. The station boasts channels that cover everything from sports to fashion to talk shows and much more. Food is also a topic well-explored by the station, so it was only proper it featured Fruit Art: one of the most popular and still-growing food enterprises today.
Even though NBC4 covers topics and issues like politics, education, and economy with a more “serious” tone, a number of its programs are light-hearted and run on humor. For instance, the acclaimed “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”
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 (Great Day Washington)

WUSA9 (Great Day Washington)
“Great Day” Washington is a live and daily talk show where happy people get to show and talk about all the greatest things the state has to offer, some of which include food and great food recipes. As such, should it really come as a surprise Fruit Art was also mentioned on it? Food makes everyone happy. That is a simple fact. Other things that excite and make people happy are topics focusing on the latest trends in Washington DC: fashion, fitness, gossip.

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 – News Channel 8 (Let’s Talk Live)

 Let Talk Live on News Channel 8 (ABC)
Here’s another show that highlights the most popular news and happenings in Washington. Fruit Art’s popularity is just one of many reasons it was featured on the show, but the channel has a lot more going for it. It covers all national and local news, weather forecasts, sports, traffic, culture and entertainment. Simply put, it has a very broad coverage area.

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(National Association of Caterers and Event DC


·        NACE (National Association of Caterers and Events) DC
Fruit Art and NACE have similar aspirations. They both aim to educate and provide the best service to their customers, one of which is being a prime resource for catering professionals. This synergy between the two enterprises benefits the customers more than anyone else.
NACE is the first non-profit organization for event planners, caterers and event professionals. Again, just like Fruit Art, this organization educates as well provides certification.

(Baltimore Lifestyles )

·        Baltimore Lifestyles on MyTV20 Fox 45 Baltimore
Fox News is a phrase synonymous with quality news and entertainment, just like Fruit Art is a name synonymous with food and beautiful food displays. It was only natural Fruit Art was called to feature on the TV station then. The station provides entertainment content for its viewers in Baltimore and neighboring towns and communities in Maryland, but it’s viewers go beyond those places. Baltimore Lifestyles is just one of the many programs on the station. It is a daily lifestyle show that entertains and keeps viewers informed about the happenings and goings-on in the city.

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Black Enterprise
As a business resource for African Americans, Black Enterprise has proven its worth by remaining relevant since 1970, giving sound advice and information to customers on businesses. Fruit Art feels honored to have been featured on the business platform because it means the brand has also broken into the African American community.
Black Enterprise is arguably the most popular publication focused solely on African American businesses, with a projected readership of more than 3.7 million. Those numbers are enough to consolidate the quality of its contents.


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