Gourmet Gift Baskets

Sometimes, it can be daunting trying to decide on the perfect gift for a loved and cherished one. Events might be coming up too but you still remain undecided on the gifts to give out. Worry not, because Fruit Art is here to save the day.
The making and presentation of gift baskets is another service we excel at. This is art in itself and it serves multiple purposes. Whether for holidays, Cooperate gifts,  bar mitzvah, baby showers, parties, birthdays, weddings, christenings, house warmings, graduations or any event that’s meant to show appreciation to a loved one, Fruit Art designs beautiful gift baskets that make the perfect gifts for anyone, age and gender notwithstanding.
The custom-made baskets themselves are wonderful pieces of art, because they come in a diverse range of designs and sizes sure to suit any customer’s wants and wishes. And they are filled with goodies and treats-most especially fruits and chocolates. Much care and attention is given to the way the goodies are arranged too, so they end up looking as inviting as they are colorful.

Fruit & Vegetable Bouquet

Our fruit bouquet or platters serve as perfect means of presentation, though these are delivered locally only. Presentation matters a lot to us, It’s not just about delivering tasty treats, but how they are delivered is just as important too. The reaction of wonder or awe they provoke the first time our customer sees them is something we strive to make possible in all our deliveries. The most potent way we achieve this is by turning fruits into custom-made art pieces! 
Our Fruits and or Vegetables bouquets looks like beautiful flowers, Except they are edible! They are juicy , succulent and oh so healthy!!  Our brand is not called “Fruit Art” simply for namesake. We truly put effort in making sure there is always a touch of art in each fruit display; a way to express our customer’s thoughts and wishes. These end up being wonderful surprises for how unique and artsy there are.
 Deliveries can be made anywhere within the DC Metropolitan Area and Baltimore, so every family, home or organization can experience what it’s like to have color and sweetness paint their celebrations. Be it huge, ripe melons or glistening, red strawberries or bright,  or sweet, purple grapes; Fruit Art is never a wrong choice.