Chocolate Fountain

 A favorite among customers is our chocolate fountain. This is one of the most sought-after devices for serving chocolate, chocolate fondue and more. Understandably, customers wish to have it at their events because it is a fun and unique way to serve food as well delight them. People can’t help but approach these large or small fountains of thick, dripping chocolate. The sight alone is enough to have mouths watering.

Chocolate fountains are incredibly attractive and appealing. They are a rarity in most events so having them present in yours is something that’s quite prestigious, but Fruit Art’s chocolate fountains add even more prestige to the events. Our tall fountains, standing on bright and multiple-colored illuminating bases, do away with any mundanity and replace that with uniqueness. We can set these bases to match your chosen theme colors for your event. Similarly, our chocolate fountains can be arranged and set up with our fruit carvings in ways that flow and match the theme of your event.
Fruits can be used together with the chocolate as drippings too. These are all part of our set up. The chocolate can be Belgian white, brown or milk; and the dipping ranges from wafers, marshmallows, mini-donuts, mini-cupcakes, grapes, apples and any other fruit customers decide to experiment with. There are dozens of fruits and sweets you can use as dipping. The choice is yours. Few companies can offer such services to match ours.
Since chocolate is also dubbed “food for the eyes,” we only felt it proper to make this food as enticing as possible by presenting it in new and innovative ways. The fountains of chocolate can come in varying heights and designs, which can leave people wondering if it is chocolate at all. It’s sure to make them pause and stare in awe. The most important thing to us is you stay happy from the beginning to the end of the event. We want the chocolate to melt in your mouth with every bite. We came to bring fruits and chocolates so sweet and tasty they’re sure to bring smiles to anyone present