Irene is a professional chef specializing in theme inspired fruit carvings and displays. After graduating from the College and William and Mary, I proceeded to follow my passion and completed culinary school. I also trained under reputable celebrity chefs for practical experience. I provide Fruit Art services to individual events.  banquet halls, hotels and event planners in the DC, MD, VA area as well as other locations around the world. I have also been featured on numerous TV stations and Magazines within the USA and Africa. 
Fruit Art USA  brings to life, the sweetest gift to your event and occasions. It encompasses the warmest emotions within any event and displays the tastiest visuals around any occasion. A company that originated from “true love” only has a simple mission: to connect what we feel in our hearts with what we can only imagine in our minds and then finally bringing it all to reality and serving through a customized display.
We specialize in Fruit carvings and displays, Chocolate fountains, Gift baskets and anything you can imagine that can or cannot be made with Fruits. We strive to provide the highest quality fruit, artfully carved & arranged into beautiful displays to suit the theme of your event and gift giving while helping you live a fun and healthy life. Our specialists and creative designers will go beyond your wildest imaginations and provide you with optimal customer service, design and flavor with every project and occasion.

Creative Fruit Art Cravings

Some people claim fruits can be used to make art masterpieces and nothing exemplifies this more than the works of the master artists at Fruit Art. When a melon is carved with so much intricacy and detail you would be hard-pressed to believe it’s a still a fruit at all, then you know it’s something special. Our carvers can turn fruits into statues, vases, flowers, animals, figures and so much more. There is so much variety when it comes to using fruits to make art.
These carvings can decorate and brighten any event, be it a corporate meeting, birthday, festivities, wedding or simply any celebration that necessitates the presence of a large number of people. Fruit Art USA is here to decorate each table with a centerpiece that will leave people staring and shaking their head in awe all through the celebration. The fruit art pieces are so beautiful some people might even feel it’s a shame to eat them afterward. Elegance, style, beauty and class are added to these events, and with nothing more than fruits. Other expensive decorations are unnecessary because the fruit carvings more than suffice.
Along the same vein, Fruit Art also offers branding and customization services for individuals and corporations. The rest of the world can also share in all this colorful bliss because no city or country is beyond our reach. We travel to wherever we are needed to teach courses on fruit carving and more. Another way of saying this is: The people of the world all have opportunities to add color and sweetness to their celebrations.